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Building resilience for adaptation to climate change in the agriculture sector (2012)


Globally, climactic conditions are increasingly variable, and the intensity of their effects stronger. As climate change brings new uncertainties, risks and changes to already existing risks, one of the most efficient ways for agriculture to adapt is increasing its resilience. In April 2012, the joint FAO/OECD Workshop on “Building Resilience for Adaptation to Climate Change in the Agriculture Sector” was held to address these issues in different agro-ecological and socio-economic contexts, and to illustrate how building resilience is critical to adapting to climate change. This publication is a compilation of the papers presented at the Workshop, and the Workshop Summary. The various sessions of the workshop questioned the notion of resilience from very different angles, confronting concepts, specific risk management strategies, case studies and national policies, from different perspectives – biophysical, economic, or social and institutional – and at various scales, from farm and household to national and global.

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Resilience, agro-ecological context, development, farming systems, food security

Climate impacts

Droughts, Extreme Temperatures, Water Scarcity


Adaptation Measures and Actions, Observations and Scenarios, Vulnerability Assessment



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