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Adaptation measures in Romanian agriculture (2014)


This report presents the results of the Pilot study 2 of the Orientgate (A network for the integration of climate knowledge into policy and planning) project. The Pilot Study 2 aimed to identify measures to adapt crops to climate change in two different areas in Romania (Caracal in South of the country and Covasna in the center), and to create direct linkages between the researchers and the practitioners (farmers). In these two selected areas the agriculture is traditionally developed by farmers in order to get sustainable production in every year, and to provide better crop management systems.

Climate projections suggest that agricultural areas in Romania may be negatively affected by a number of changes predicted by regional climate models. Adaptation to the impacts of climate change through better crop system management will be facilitated by existing knowledge of response options to severe climate events.

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ORIENTGATE project webpage


crop management

Climate impacts

Droughts, Extreme Temperatures, Water Scarcity


Sector Policies, Adaptation Measures and Actions



Geographic characterisation


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