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Climate change adaptation needs of the core network of transport infrastructure in Spain (2013)


Transport adaptation to climate change is an issue that is gaining increasing attention worldwide. So far, however, the issue has barely been considered in Spain, in spite of the fact that the National Climate Change Adaptation Plan (PNACC) proposed in 2006 to start assessing the vulnerability and possibilities for adaptation of the transport sector and system.
In 2012, an initiative was launched by the Spanish ministries of transport and of environment to conduct a preliminary analysis of the needs to adapt the core network of transport infrastructure of Spain to climate change.  The report presents the results of the working group having analysed the transport networks of road, rail, ports and airports and key impacts of climate change expected. It lists furthermore possible short- and long-term measures.
The results of the initiative help the Spanish government to develop a better understanding of the issue and thus enable it to promote initiatives and make timely decisions when needs arise.

Stakeholder participation
CEDEX ADIF- the Administrator of Railway Infrastructures Renfe- State-owned passenger and freight rail transport operator overseen by the Ministerio de Fomento. Puertos del Estado - Ports of the State AENA - The Aena Group is a group of companies devoted to airport management and the provision of air navigation services. INECO- Ineco is a global leader in transport engineering and consultancy. AEMET- Weather and Environmental Agency OECC EEA

Alberto Compte CEDEX

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