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Climate Change in European Forests: How to Adapt (2013)


Accounting for climate change in forest management is a challenge for many forest managers, owners and decision makers around Europe. In order to make timely decisions, they need solid information on e.g. climate change projections and uncertainties, forest health, pests and diseases, tools for running different forest management scenarios as well as information on successful adaptation measures in their regions. The 2013 EFI Policy Brief “Climate Change in European Forests: How to Adapt” describes proactive and reactive management styles and illustrates how they have been used in different regions of Europe. The case study areas are selected from those of a FP7 funded research project MOTIVE (Models for Adaptive Forest Management). The policy brief is published in the context of a ThinkForest event in the European Parliament in Brussels.

Further information on the event can be found on the ThinkForest website:

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