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Climate change in the West Balkans (2012)


The report aims to raise awareness on the impacts of climate change on the society in the West Balkan area. It is used to stimulate policy debate and to help society to come up with solutions to tackle upcoming environmental challenges. The report clarifies that the impact of climate change will be different for some of the West Balkan subregions. Croatia is expected to be the least affected by climate change while Albania will be exposed and is at this moment still very vulnerable. The main challenges in all countries are dealing with variety in water resources. This includes both risks of increasing water scarcity related to the agricultural and energy sector as well as increased risk to flooding.

Reference information

ENVSEC, Zoi environment network


Balkan, country plan, water resources

Climate impacts

Droughts, Extreme Temperatures, Flooding, Sea Level Rise, Water Scarcity


Adaptation Measures and Actions, Observations and Scenarios, Vulnerability Assessment


Agriculture, Biodiversity, Buildings, Coastal areas, Energy, Forestry, Health, Transport, Urban, Water management

Geographic characterisation


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