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Floods in the WHO European Region: health effects and their prevention (2013)


In 2009–2011, the WHO Regional Office for Europe and the United Kingdom Health Protection Agency undertook a project to investigate the adverse health effects of floods and to understand how best to protect the health of populations during floods in the WHO European Region. The project had two main components. A questionnaire was sent to 50 of the 53 Member States of the WHO European Region to collect information on recent experience of floods, their health effects and current preparedness and response mechanisms. In addition, a systematic review was undertaken of the epidemiological literature on the global impact of flooding on health. Analysis of the returned questionnaires and the peer-reviewed literature brought to light many issues pertinent to Europe. These findings will help WHO to prepare evidence-based guidance for the European Region on health concerns before, during and after flooding incidents and the measures for prevention, response and recovery.

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