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Green Bonds for urban adaptation (2015)


In 2013 the City of Gothenburg was the first Nordic city to use the framework for green bonds that SEB developed together with the World Bank Group and other Swedish investors. The issue in 2013 of SEK 500 million is part of an issue programme from the City of Gothenburg that could lead to two billion. In May 2014 there was an announcement of a second bond from the City of Gothenburg. The issue of SEK 1.8 billion ($273 million) received “tremendous” interest. The Green Bond Programme and funds will be used primarily to support projects that counter or help adapt to climate change. As part of the environmental programme, the City of Gothenburg continues to issue bonds for financing various environmental projects in the areas of renewable energy, public transport, water treatment, energy efficiency, smart grids, urban planning and waste management.

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