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HELCOM Baltic Sea Action Plan


The HELCOM Baltic Sea Action Plan is an ambitious programme to restore the good ecological status of the Baltic marine environment by 2021. The strategy, adopted in 2007, is a crucial stepping stone for wider and more efficient actions to combat the continuing deterioration of the marine environment resulting from human activities. With the adoption of the new environmental strategy, HELCOM will continue its long record of respected leadership in marine environmental protection, incorporating the latest scientific knowledge and innovative management approaches into strategic policy implementation, and stimulating even closer, goal-oriented multilateral co-operation around the Baltic Sea region. The four main segments of the HELCOM Baltic Sea Action Plan: 1. Towards a Baltic Sea unaffected by eutrophication 2. Towards a Baltic Sea undisturbed by hazardous substances 3. Towards a Baltic Sea with environmentally friendly maritime activities 4. Towards favourable conservations status of Baltic Sea biodiversity

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