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Impacts of and Adaptation to Climate Change in the Danube-Carpathian Region (2008)


This is an overview study - commissioned by the WWF Danube-Carpathian Programme - on the effects and likely impacts of climate change in the Danube-Carpathian region by drawing on selected existing literature, reviewing the current understanding of these issues. The assessment of the adaptation efforts of governments has been carried out by an analysis of documents and strategies related to adaptation to climate change of the countries forming the focus of this study. After providing brief background information on the countries in focus, the report reviews the most important impacts of climate change on natural ecosystems and species as well as on human economy and society, focusing on selected aspects including water, agriculture, forestry and tourism. Next an assessment is given of efforts related to climate change adaptation undertaken by the relevant governments and other actors in the countries of the region. The study concludes by providing recommendations to WWF on what actions it should take to enhance adaptation efforts of the countries in focus.

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Central European University, Dep. Environmental Sciences&Policy


carpathians, forests, freshwater, grassland, impacts, intergovernmental cooperation, tourism

Climate impacts

Droughts, Extreme Temperatures, Flooding, Ice and Snow, Water Scarcity


Adaptation Measures and Actions, Vulnerability Assessment


Agriculture, Biodiversity, Buildings, Energy, Forestry, Transport, Water management

Geographic characterisation


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