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IPCC Fifth Assessment Report, WGI Chapter 13: Sea Level change (2014)


This is the Chapter on changes in sea level in the IPCC 5th Assessment Report. It synthesizes the scientific knowledge on past and future changes in global and regional sea level as well as the main contributions to sea level rise.


In particular, there are descriptions of the sea level change models used to project sea level rise. Furthermore the projected contributions to global mean sea level are documented as well as projections on the gloal mean sea level rise. In addtion there are projections on regional sea level changes presented as well as the 21st century sea level extremes and waves.


A FAQ section on the Greenland and Antarctic Ice sheets is included.

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21st century sea level extremes, Antarctic Ice Sheet, Greenland Ice Sheet, Marince Ice-Sheet Instability, glaciers, global mean sea level, global mean sea level rise, past sea level change, regional sea level changes, synthesis of scientific knowledge, waves

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Sea Level Rise


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