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IPCC IV AR, WG2 - chapter 5: Food, Fibre, and Forest Products (2007)


Chapter on agriculture and forestry of IPCC WG2's 4th Assessment Report. The scope of this chapter, with a focus on food crops, pastures and livestock, industrial crops and biofuels, forestry (commercial forests), aquaculture and fisheries, and small-holder and subsistence agriculturalists and artisanal fishers, is to: examine current climate sensitivities/vulnerabilities; consider future trends in climate, global and regional food security, forestry and fisheries production; review key future impacts of climate change in food crops, pasture and livestock production, industrial crops and biofuels, forestry, fisheries, and small-holder and subsistence agriculture; assess the effectiveness of adaptation in offsetting damages and identify adaptation options, including planned adaptation to climate change; examine the social and economic costs of climate change in those sectors; explore the implications of responding to climate change for sustainable development. Traceable accounts of final judgements of uncertainty in the findings and conclusions are, where possible, maintained. These accounts explicitly state sources of uncertainty in the methods used by the studies that comprise the assessment.

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IPCC, effectiveness, socio-economic, uncertainty

Climate impacts

Water Scarcity, Flooding, Droughts


Observations and Scenarios, Vulnerability Assessment, Adaptation Measures and Actions


Agriculture, Forestry, Marine and Fisheries

Geographic characterisation


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