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Marine Messages - Our seas, our future - moving towards a new understanding (2014)


Europe's seas are home to a rich and diverse array of species, habitats and ecosystems. Although vital for Europe's economic and social wellbeing, many of these ecosystems risk being irreversibly damaged by human activities.


'Marine messages', a briefing from the European Environment Agency (EEA), provides an overview of the current state-of-affairs of European seas and our use of them. It argues that economic activities including transport, fishing, offshore energy and tourism should be better managed so that they ensure sustainable health of marine ecosystems.


It includes an overview on the European policy visions for the seas and a description of policy instruments like the Marine Strategy Framework Directive. Furthermore it encompasses a description of the state of the seas. Marine climate impacts are covered in a specific chapter. In addition, a baseline of the marine knowledge is being presented as well as an overview of the distance to our defined policy objectives. Finally, principles for a new policy approach towards sustainable seas including adaptation to climate change are summarized.


Reference information

European Environment Agency (EEA)


acidification of marine ecosystems, baseline, cumulative impacts, ecosystem services, loss of marine biodiversity, oxygene depletion, response cascade, sea surface temperature, sustainable ecomic growth

Climate impacts

Extreme Temperatures, Flooding, Sea Level Rise, Storms


Adaptation Measures and Actions, Adaptation Plans and Strategies, Sector Policies


Biodiversity, Coastal areas, Marine and Fisheries, Water management

Geographic characterisation


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