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Nature-based Solutions for Climate Change Adaptation & Disaster Risk Reduction (2019)


Climate change affects not only ecosystems but also societies. Those challenges can be tackled with Nature-based Solutions; a key concept promoting the solutions provided by nature in contributing to climate change adaption and associated disaster risk reduction. Functioning ecosystems have a buffer effect on climate and reduce the risks and impacts of extreme events such as storms, landslides and floods.

This report published by the French National Committee of IUCN International Union for Conservation of Nature provides a comprehensive and profound overview on the concept of Nature-based Solutions and its importance in climate change adaption. The boundaries and intersections between the concept “Nature-based Solutions” and various associated concepts (including Ecosystem-based Adaptation, Ecosystem-based Mitigation, Ecosystem-based Risk Reduction) are described and respective definitions provided.

The second part of the report focuses on opportunities to mainstream Nature-based Solutions as cross-cutting issue into policy and practice. Various examples of local and regional initiatives and projects are presented. The respective descriptions include the societal challenges targeted, the type of nature-based solutions applied, the main outcomes as well as the project benefits.

Three main drivers are identified in the report to scale-up the implementation of Nature-based Solutions:

  • Existing projects must highlight the benefits for climate change adaptation of Nature-based Solutions in order to raise the awareness of stakeholders.
  • Nature-based Solutions are interdisciplinary. Adaptation to climate change, disaster risk prevention and biodiversity issues are often addressed in one project.
  • According to the long-term nature of projects addressing climate change adaptation, various financial resources must be mobilised. The goal is to ensure the sustainability of the respective Nature-based Solution projects.

Reference information

IUCN French Committee (2019). Nature-based Solutions for climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction. Paris, France

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