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Preliminary flood risk assessment (2013)


This report was conducted in fulfillment of Malta's requirement under article 4 of the European Floods Directive which requires all Member States to undertake a Preliminary Flood Risk Assessment (PFRA) for each river basin district, unit of management of the portion of an international river basin district, or unit of management lying within their territory. The assessment presented in this report has considered all types of flooding, including natural sources, such as that which can occur from rivers, the sea and estuaries, heavy rain and groundwater, and the failure of built infrastructures. It has also considered the impacts that flooding can have on people, property, business, the environment and cultural heritage.

The report is composed of five main sections: (i) an overview of the river basin district; (ii) an analysis of the potential sources of flooding; (iii) a description of the past sources of flooding; (iv) an assessment of the potential adverse consequences of future floods which includes the impacts of climate change on the occurrence of floods; and (v) an overall summary and conclusions of the PFRA.

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Malta Resources Authority - Government of Malta


Critical Infrastructure, Environment, Governance, Resilience, Risk Assessment, Risk Identification, Social Impacts

Climate impacts

Flooding, Sea Level Rise


Vulnerability Assessment, Adaptation Measures and Actions, Adaptation Plans and Strategies, Sector Policies


Disaster Risk Reduction

Geographic characterisation


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