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Streamlining European biodiversity indicators 2020 (2012)


The Streamlining European Biodiversity Indicators (SEBI) process was started in 2005 to provide a streamlined set of biodiversity indicators for Europe. This report provides a bridge to the new SEBI cycle underpinned by the following policies: the Strategic Plan for Biodiversity 2011–2020 together with the Aichi 2020 targets at the global level, the EU 2020 Biodiversity Strategy and the Pan-European 2020 Biodiversity Strategy.

SEBI has consolidated a coherent set of indicators for measuring progress and reporting on the new global and EU biodiversity targets. All SEBI indicators can be used to measure progress against the six new EU Targets and the 20 Aichi Targets. Gaps which will need to be further considered by thematic experts have also been identified. The report highlights the importance of SEBI in guiding those involved in measuring and tracking biodiversity trends, including those studying the impacts of climate change on biodiversity.

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Strategy, decision making, impact assessment, indicators, monitoring impacts, targets

Climate impacts

Extreme Temperatures, Water Scarcity, Flooding, Sea Level Rise, Droughts, Storms, Ice and Snow


Observations and Scenarios, Vulnerability Assessment, Adaptation Measures and Actions



Geographic characterisation


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