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Sweden facing climate change - threats and opportunities (2007)


The Commission on Climate and Vulnerability was appointed by the Swedish Government in June 2005 to assess regional and local impacts of global climate change and extreme whether events on the Swedish society including costs. This report summarises the results from the Commission. Based on the analysis of the regional and global literature on past climatic trends and future projections, the report analysis consequence of climate change and extreme weather events on the following key elements: - Communications (roads, railways, shipping, aviation, telecommunication, radio and TV distribution; - Technical support systems (electricity supply system, dams, heating and cooling needs, district heating, drinking water supply); - Developments and buildings (flooding of waterfront developments, landslide and erosion, coastal erosion, storm water systems and waste water overflow, building structures, pollutant dispersion in flooding and landslide); - Rural business and tourism (forestry, agriculture, fishing industry, reindeer herding, tourism and outdoor activities); - The natural environment and environmental goals (terrestrial ecosystems and biodiversity, freshwater environment, the Baltic Sea and marine environment); - Human health (extreme temperatures, altered air quality, health effects of floods, storms and landslides, and spread of infection); - Combined effects on society. Finally, the report identifies a number of instruments to reduce Sweden vulnerability to climate change and extreme events and proposals to improve adaptation.

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