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Trends in urban resilience 2017 (2017)


This publication aims to begin documenting the global momentum for resilience, from an urban standpoint. In doing so, it will deliver a regular review of emerging approaches, best practices, technologies and progress; ensuring proper coverage and recognition of the growing multitude of stakeholders committed to urban resilience from various disciplines. The Urban Resilience Programme (URP) envisions Trends in Urban Resilience as a key publication to record the interdisciplinary debates unfolding around the theme of resilience, analysing adequate resonance with the main development frameworks and translating theory into actionable strategies. Its production will involve a cyclical mapping exercise of projects, actors, partners and multi-sectoral practices that contribute to this community of practice. Conceived as a periodical publication, to be updated on a biennial basis, Trends in Urban Resilience is specifically geared to meet this purpose.

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case studies, international actors, international agreements, international framework, resilience framework, resilience initiatives, urban resilience

Climate impacts

Droughts, Extreme Temperatures, Flooding, Ice and Snow, Sea Level Rise, Storms, Water Scarcity


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