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CLAD - Coastal Climate Adaptation and Development Tool (2011)


CLAD is a 3-year project, launched in April 2009 (ending in 2012), funded by the Irish Environmental Protection Agency and involving the Coastal and Marine Research Centre CMRC of the University College Cork (Ireland). CLAD aims to provide methodological and informational support for decision-makers and stakeholders regarding sustainable adaptation to climate change in Irish coastal areas. The project objectives are: (1) to analyse and evaluate the concept of Adaptive Co-management (ACM) as a model for climate governance and capacity building for effective coastal zone management in Ireland; (2) to design and implement the CLAD Toolkit – an on-line resource connecting end-users to the scientific, technical and policy information necessary to develop adaptive responses, and provide guidelines for effective knowledge acquisition and integration. Special emphasis will be made on developing mechanisms for stakeholder participation at different levels and in the specific conditions of coastal management in Ireland, using scenarios as a key mechanism of participatory engagement. The project aims to integrate the local decision-making processes in Ireland as well as establish links with the EU political and research agenda through application of current best practice, and connecting local adaptation planning to the EU policies on climate change and coastal zone management.

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Coastal and Marine Research Centre CMRC – University College Cork


CLAD, ICZM, adaptive co-management, adaptive response, scenarios, stakeholder participation, toolkit

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Flooding, Sea Level Rise


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