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LUMP, Integrated Land Use Modelling Platform (2004)


The main objective of the Land Use Modelling Platform (LUMP) is to support policy needs of different services of the Commission, for ex-ante assessments and more specific impact assessments. The platform is one of the key elements of an integrated framework that should be able to dynamically capture the economic, ecological and social domains, cover a range of geographical scales and incorporate the impact of global driving forces.
The integrated Land Use Modelling Platform is based upon the combination of explicit land use models and their linkages with other modelling activities in specific thematic fields, such as hydrology, agriculture, economy, phenology, etc.
The outputs produced within this platform are simulated land use maps that can be used for assessing European spatial developments as well as for the evaluation of impacts of climate change. The outputs can also be used as inputs for regional climate and economic models.

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