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  • New European scientific advisory board on climate change appointed

    24 Mar 2022

    The members of the new European Scientific Advisory Board on Climate Change have been appointed, and this independent body can now provide the EU with scientific knowledge, expertise and advice relating to climate change, climate change impacts and adaptation. The Advisory Board’s work will underpin the EU’s climate action and efforts to reach climate neutrality by 2050.

  • Impacts of climate change on water management - stocktaking, scope for action and strategic fields of action

    17 Mar 2022

    In December 2020, the Permanent Committee 'Climate Change' under the German Working Group on Water Issues of the Federal States and the Federal Government (LAWA) prepared a comprehensive report on the concerns, potential responses and strategic fields of action in water resources management, updating the previous work done in 2017. The application-oriented report describes how changes in climate elements affect surface water, groundwater and the ecology of water bodies and practical examples of solutions.

  • European Commission invites regions and communities to join the Mission on Adaptation to Climate Change

    15 Mar 2022

    The Mission on Adaptation to Climate Change’s objective is to support 150 regions and communities to accelerate their transformation towards climate resilience by 2030. A survey is available for regions and communities to express their interest in joining the Mission. Once replies to the survey have been analysed, regions and communities that demonstrate commitment to adaptation, will be invited to sign a Mission Charter.

  • Global warming projected to increase health burden from hyponatremia

    08 Mar 2022

    Global warming is likely to increase the number of people requiring hospitalisation due to critically low sodium levels in the blood, a condition known as hyponatremia. A new study projects that a temperature rise of 2 degrees Celsius would increase the burden on hospitals from hyponatremia by almost 14%.

  • New lakes retain rainwater in the town of Tommerup Stationsby on Funen, Denmark

    03 Mar 2022

    In the Municipality of Assens on Funen, Denmark three new retention ponds are keeping the town of Tommerup Stationsby dry-shod, even after persistent and heavy rainfalls. Combined, three lakes - together known as Tallerupsøerne - form the largest climate adaptation project to date on Western Funen. The lakes were designed to withstand a five-year rainfall event but have proven capable of withstanding more.

  • Urgent need to adapt to massive impacts of climate change highlighted in latest IPCC report

    28 Feb 2022

    The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) published its latest report on the impacts, adaptation and vulnerabilities related to climate change, the Working Group II contribution to the IPCC Sixth Assessment Report. One of the report’s main findings is that climate change induced by humanity is already impacting nature and people more intensely, more frequently and over a wider geographical area than previously thought. The report’s findings reinforce the need for Europe to become more climate resilient and prepare for the inevitable impacts of the climate crisis.

  • EU Support to tourism - need for a fresh strategic orientation and a better funding approach

    23 Feb 2022

    The European Court of Auditors’ report 'EU Support to tourism - need for a fresh strategic orientation and a better funding approach' is meant to provide input for the Commission’s work in defining a comprehensive 2030 tourism strategy with medium- and long-term objectives. In this regard, sustainable tourism is one of the most prominent concepts in tourism development and involves environmental, economic and socio-cultural aspects to address the effects of tourism on climate change and to cope with the impacts of climate change on the tourism sector.

  • Bulletins of the euROpean observAtory on Disaster risk and crisis MAnagement best Practices (ROADMAP) Project: 4th bulletin on “Management of the floods and landslides risk”

    23 Feb 2022

    The euROpean observAtory on Disaster risk and crisis MAnagement best Practices (ROADMAP) has the main objective to establish a European “Doctrine on disaster risk and crisis management”, funded on the mutual cooperation between scientific communities and disaster risk management (DRM) authorities. The fourth bulletin focuses on floods and landslides due to their potential severe and even disastrous consequences with fatalities, diseases, and construction and infrastructure failures, and can damage or completely destroy vast areas of a country. According to the IPCC (IPCC 2021), both the probability and the consequences of floods and landslides are expected to increase in the coming decades, as a result of climate change and increased vulnerabilities and exposure, especially in urban areas.

  • EU Mission 'Adaptation to Climate Change': updated work programme and info day recordings available

    18 Feb 2022

    The updated work programme and info day recording of the EU Mission 'Adaptation to Climate Change' present the planned call topics, funding opportunities and timelines for potential applicants.

  • Green Deal: EU invests over €110 million in LIFE projects for environment and climate in eleven EU countries

    17 Feb 2022

    The European Commission announced an investment of over €110 million in LIFE programme integrated projects for environmental and climate protection. The funding will support major new environmental and climate projects in 11 EU countries: Cyprus, Czechia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Poland and Slovenia. The projects contribute to a green recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic and support the European Green Deal's objectives of making the EU climate neutral and pollution free by 2050.