Learn more about how forests can adapt to climate change to stay healthy, diverse, resilient and productive

The European Climate Data Explorer provides interactive access to many climate indices like fire weather indices in support of climate change adaptation in forests.

FISE web portal will help us to improve the health and resilience of our forests, which play a vital role in protecting our biodiversity and in mitigating climate change.

The European Drought Observatory (EDO) contains drought-relevant information. These give an overview of the situation in the EU about imminent droughts.

The European Forest Fire Information System (EFFIS) supports the protection of forests against fires and provides the EU with harmonized information on forest fires

Adaptation options

Learn more about different adaptation options to the various impacts of climate change in forests.

Case studies

Explore Forest adaptation case studies in terms of geographic location, thematic coverage and link to adaptation options through the map-based Case study explorer.

The climate crisis is severely affecting Europe's forests, making them increasingly vulnerable to hazards like storms, wildfires, droughts, insect and disease outbreaks, or sea level rise. The growing risks and impacts are affecting the economic viability of forestry and they reduce the capacity of forests to provide essential ecosystem services. The EU responds to this unprecedented challenge by supporting the adaptation of forests to climate change through a wide range of policies, like the EU Forest Strategy, EU Strategy on Adaptation to Climate Change, and the EU Biodiversity Strategy.

EU funding of adaptation

The EU finances adaptation to climate change in Europe through a wide range of instruments. The Multiannual Financial Framework  2021-2027 ensures that at least 25% of the European budget is climate-related expenditure. Therefore, Climate adaptation actions have to be integrated into all the major EU spending programmes, and a tracking system is put in place to guarantee these objectives are met.