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Climate-ADAPT Case study explorer

The case study explorer visualises the geographic location and distribution of Climate-ADAPT case studies.

It also enables users to filter case studies through three criteria: 1) the sectors addressed by the case studies in terms of climate change adaptation, 2) the climate change impacts they cope with and 3) the categories of adaptation options implemented.

Once the search criteria are set, the map visualises the location of corresponding case studies. Basic information on each case study can be recalled by clicking on its location; this also includes the link to the extended case study description and the links to the description of the adaptation options implemented.

The Case study explorer provides also access to case studies prepared at national level in Spain, provided by the Platform for the exchange and consultation of information on adaptation to climate change in Spain AdapteCCa.es.


Adaptation Sectors

Climate Impacts

Adaptation Options categories

Climate-ADAPT case studies

Case studies collected at national level in Spain, provided by AdapteCCA.es