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Future Imperfect – Climate Change and Adaptation in the Carpathians


This synthesis report "Future imperfect" presents the main trends of precipitation patterns, snow cover and temperature as a result of climate change. It also include the impacts of these trends on a number of ecosystem based production systems, and possible adaptation measures. With the help of stakeholders an in-depth analysis of the impact of the predicted changes was carried out in five selected pilot areas across the Carpathians. It is directed at policy makers and the public in the Carpathian region bringing together important findings and recommendations about climate change impacts and adaptation from three linked research studies funded by the European Commission: CARPATCLIM, CARPIVIA, CarpathCC. These studies raise awareness about the extent and impacts of climate change in six important sectors in the Carpathian region: water resources, forests, wetlands, grasslands, agriculture and tourism. They also support an informed and rapid response by decision-makers in the region in order to reduce the effects of climate change. 



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Published in Climate-ADAPT Oct 05 2017   -   Last Modified in Climate-ADAPT Nov 01 2022

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