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Study on adaptation modelling - Report on use cases and rapid analysis


This report is part of a study commissioned by the European Commission - DG Climate Action, on adaptation modelling, which includes also a comprehensive desk review and a report on a recommended approach to analysis and modelling.

The present report investigates the need for more models and tools for rapid analysis, to support decision making on climate change adaptation across Europe. The analysis covered in this report is motivated by the urgency, felt by an increasing number of governmental institutions, at the sub-national, national and at the EU level, as well as by firms and trade associations within the economic sectors threatened by climate change, to act swiftly upon potential climate risks. Adaptation modelling embedded within rapid analysis tools can effectively support decision making on adaptation, and it is important to improve the understanding of the potential of adaptation modelling for rapid analysis as a support to decision-making, particularly in terms of rationale and their scope. Use-cases (that is, "generalized applications of adaptation modelling in particular decision-making contexts") were identified in order to "analyse and understand the problem, objectives and options for rapid analysis and to recommend a pilot approach for its deployment". "Use-cases cover EU Adaptation Policy (DG CLIMA), EU regional investments, urban adaptation planning, regional adaptation planning, national adaptation planning, business and finance and insurance."

The report also explores options and recommends a pilot approach to respond to the needs for rapid analysis. An accompanying report presents 24 illustrative simplified rapid analysis case studies "as specific examples of the use of adaptation models to support decision making".


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Published in Climate-ADAPT May 31 2021   -   Last Modified in Climate-ADAPT Sep 20 2023

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