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Climate-ADAPT Adaptation Support Tool

One element of Climate-ADAPT is the Adaptation Support Tool (AST). The AST has been developed in the context of the EU adaptation strategy to support and assist users in developing climate change adaptation strategies and plans by providing guidance. In 2013, the European Commission issued these EU guidelines on developing adaptation strategies as a component of the EU strategy on adaptation to climate change, with the aim to support EU Member States in the process of developing, implementing and reviewing their national or sectoral adaptation strategies and plans.

The AST ensures coordination and coherence with other sections of Climate-ADAPT and has many cross linkages to other types of information, case studies, adaptation options and knowledge. The AST’s main role is to support the mainstreaming of adaptation planning, implementation and evaluation (Monitoring, Reporting and Evaluating – MRE and continuous learning). The recently updated AST provides a sound overview and guidance for EU Member States, EEA member countries and others on how to develop, further improve and increase the coherence of National Adaptation Strategies (NASs) and National Action Plans (NAPs).

This Climate-ADAPT Adaptation Support Tool (AST) webinar aims to improve knowledge dissemination on the Climate-ADAPT AST and its further development to promote its use, e.g., for strategic policy processes, awareness raising, planning, development of guidelines, etc. At the same time, the webinar intends to highlight and present how the AST is being used in practice and can be tailored to the real needs of users. Finally, the webinar aims to stimulate participants to contribute to enriching Climate-ADAPT and further sharing and disseminating its knowledge.

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