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The Adaptation Support Tool – Getting started

What is the Adaptation Support Tool?

The aim of the Adaptation Support Tool is to assist users in developing climate change adaptation strategies and plans by providing guidance, links to relevant sources and dedicated tools (urban practitioners find a specific Urban Adaptation Support Tool).

The European Commission has issued EU guidelines on developing adaptation strategies as a component of the EU strategy on adaptation to climate change, with the aim to support EU Member States in the process of developing, implementing and reviewing their adaptation strategies. They provide a common understanding of key features relevant to adaptation processes, building on the experience available in the EU. The steps and recommendations of the Adaptation Support Tool are aligned with the contents of these guidelines.

The tool is based on the policy cycle, which highlights that climate change adaptation is an iterative process that will help ensuring decisions are based on up-to-date data and knowledge. This iterative process will be supported by monitoring and timely assessment of measures. In its design the Adaptation Support Tool borrows from the UKCIP Adaptation Wizard and various risk assessment frameworks.

Specific tools and further information sources for adaptation in cities are provided in the Urban Adaptation Support Tool.

For developers of physical assets and infrastructure specific guidelines are available on how to incorporate resilience to current climate variability and future climate change within their projects.

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