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The European Commission funds research and innovation projects to support the creation and better dispersion of excellent knowledge and technologies. Horizon Europe is the EU’s key funding programme for research and innovation until 2027, taking over from Horizon 2020 (2014-2020). Horizon Europe incorporates research and innovation missions to increase the effectiveness of funding by pursuing clearly defined targets; most relevant to Climate-ADAPT is the Mission Area: Adaptation to climate change including societal transformation.

The complete catalogue of EU-funded Horizon 2020 and Research FP7 Environment Programme projects can be found in the CORDIS database. Furthermore, aggregated results from European research projects on Climate Change and Environment are presented in thematic articles that are available in Results Packs on CORDIS.

Several current Horizon 2020 projects have a specific focus on climate change adaptation. The objectives, methods and outcomes are in line with the aims of the EU Adaptation Strategy: to build a climate resilient society by improving knowledge of climate impacts and adaptation solutions; by stepping up adaptation planning and climate risk assessments; by accelerating adaptation action; and by helping to strengthen climate resilience globally. Examples of projects proposing actions in pursuit of smarter, more systemic and faster adaptation are presented here.

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Search the Climate-ADAPT database for additional adaptation focused research and knowledge projects funded by EU framework programmes, as well as EU transnational cooperation programmes and other international and national programmes.


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The biennial European Climate Change Adaptation (ECCA) conference is conducted by projects that have received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Framework Programme. Five ECCA conferences has so far been convened.

The 5th European Climate Change Adaptation Conference Bringing adaptation solutions to life: Inspiring climate adaptation action today for a resilient future took place online. A series of 9 webinars was organised from 25 May to 10 June, in the run-up to a high-level event on 22 June.

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See the ECCA 2021 e-library showcasing results of EU adaptation projects.

See the ECCA 2021 YouTube account for all videos of adaptation solutions.

The 4th ECCA conference Working together to prepare for change has focused on six themes, from co-production of knowledge to tackling the global challenges of climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction.

Summary: Preparing for change requires action now!

Briefing: Research and practice gaps, and their relevance for Horizon Europe: outcomes from ECCA 2019

The third ECCA conference Our Climate Ready Future has focused on inspiring and enabling people to work together to discover and deliver positive climate adaptation solutions that can strengthen society, revitalise local economies and enhance the environment.

Session report: Capturing and sharing knowledge across Europe: how to support decision makers in the EU

The second ECCA conference Integrating climate adaptation action in science, policy, practice and business has focused on understanding and assessing adaptation in action.


The first ECCA conference Integrating climate into action has focused on creating a European forum with the aim of fostering a creative and effective dialogue between science, policy and practice. 

CIRCLE-2 report on the Science Practice Sessions


Booklet about research, science and innovation of EU projects on climate change adaptation.

Booklet about research, science and innovation of EU projects on climate change adaptation.