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The EU Mission on Adaptation to Climate Change empowers European regions and local authorities to achieve climate resilience, aiming to guide at least 150 communities through understanding climate risks, developing pathways for preparation, and implementing innovative solutions by 2030.

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As dangerous climate change looms, with global temperatures already rising over one degree since the industrial revolution, urgent action is needed to mitigate its impacts. Even with reductions in carbon emissions outlined in the Paris Agreement, we're on track for over a two-degree rise by the end of the century, exacerbating extreme weather events and impacting various sectors.

Implementing climate adaptation measures at regional and local levels is imperative to enhance resilience, emphasising the interconnectedness of mitigation and adaptation efforts to ensure effective response to climate change.

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Regions Overview
Learn more about the Charter Signatory regions and local authorities part of the EU Mission
Regional Adaptation Support Tool: Guidance on your adaptation planning journey.
Mission Solutions
Showcasing the successful implementation of effective climate adaptation solutions.
Mission Projects
Learn about the Mission Projects delivering the EU Mission.
Community of Practice
Facilitating the exchange of knowledge and experiences.

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