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Climate-ADAPT Urban Content

Climate-ADAPT includes much data and information relevant for urban adaptation, including publications, reports, research projects, case studies, and adaptation options that can be used to support local action by decision-makers. In addition, Climate-ADAPT has two specific urban decision support tools that are among the most visited elements of the platform: the Urban Adaptation Support Tool (UAST)  and the Urban Adaptation Map Viewer (UAMV).

The objective of the webinar is to improve knowledge dissemination on Climate-ADAPT urban tools and to promote their use, e.g., for local planning, awareness raising, participatory processes, project formulation and implementation, etc.

Specifically, the webinar aims to:

  • Promote the use of the Climate-ADAPT urban content and tools, e.g., for strategic local policy process,
    awareness raising, planning, etc.
  • Disseminate the basic features of the Climate-ADAPT urban tools: the UAST and UAMV
  • Present a specific local use case of the UAST from a municipality perspective
  • Showcase the functionalities of the UAMV
  • Present and discuss further development of the Climate-ADAPT urban information and the urban tools

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Download the Webinar Presentation.

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