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Sector Engagement for C3S: Translating European User Requirements (SECTEUR)


Climate change will have a wide range of impacts such as rising sea levels, increase risk of flood, drought and heat waves. Organizations need to plan for the impact and challenges that our changing climate will bring therefore having the appropriate tools and data to make evidence-based decisions is essential. SECTEUR is part of the Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S) Evaluation and Quality Control (EQC) work. The project aims to: (i) engage directly with end-users and analyse their requirements, (ii) identify gaps, and (iii) deliver recommendations on future needs to support better decision-making. The ultimate aim is to translate these user requirements into services for the C3S Sectoral Information System (SIS).

SECTEUR is engaging and interacting with a wide number of stakeholders across six sectors (Agriculture and Forestry, Coastal areas, Health, Infrastructure, Insurance and Tourism) through surveys, workshops and interviews to establish an inventory of existing policy needs and user requirements in terms of climate data and climate impact indicators.

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Institute for Environmental Analytics, Reading. Lead: Prof Nigel Arnell Project manager: Dr Maria Noguer (m.noguer@the-iea.org) Project administrator: Alison Arkell Email: secteur@the-iea.org Tel: +44 (0) 118 378 4059


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ECMWF for the European Commission

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