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“Too Hot To Work” documentary

The film by Mikael Lefrançois and Camille Robert shows knowledge on the effects of extreme heat on workers. It starts with the law of the sun. Every day, people around the world who work in agriculture, construction and even tourism face - often unprotected - the law of the sun, which forces the body to slow down. As climate change exacerbates heat, workers worldwide will continue to labor without the protections they need to work safely. The film aims to show what happens when workers labor without protection from extreme heat, and which measures are being taken. “Too Hot To Work” takes you around the world on a tour of the current state of labor in extreme heat. The film delves into how a warmer climate may transform the way we work and how workers, businesses and governments have to adapt to this growing risk. The documentary features powerful testimonies from workers across different backgrounds, regions of the world and sectors, including agriculture, construction, delivery package workers, clothing and more.

The trailer can be watched here. For hosting a film screening, you can get in touch with La Isla Network.

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