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Effect of climate change on manual labourers

This video showcases the effect of climate change on the occupational safety and health of manual laborers in Europe. The progression of climate change will put manual laborers, among others, at an increasingly higher threat of work-related injuries. The culprit here is heat. Without adequate mechanisms in place that promote water, rest, and shade, manual laborers will continue to suffer from injuries with known preventable causes. The film introduces the audience to the problem: rising levels of heat and the threats it poses to workers who are exposed to it. The film is set in Greece, in multiple cities showing us how agricultural workers, quarry workers, and even tour guides at the Acropolis in Athens are being affected by rising heat. Research data presented in the film shed light on the occupational risks that heat poses, and in turn is used to inform policy change.  


The film was made by La Isla Network, Ed Kashi and Talking Eyes Media for ENBEL - a project funded by the EU’s Horizon2020 program aimed at connecting health and climate change research and share their results - about the work for HEAT-SHIELD, an EU funded project that addresses the negative impacts of workplace heat stress on the health and productivity of the EU workforce. HEAT-SHIELD is one of the research projects in the ENBEL network. The ENBEL project is coordinated by CICERO Center for International Climate Research in Norway with 16 partner institutions. Visit www.enbel-project.eu to find out more.

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