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North-West Europe

Policy framework

a. Transnational cooperation programme

The North West Europe (NWE) programme belongs to the family of the INTERREG V transnational 2014-2020 programmes and forms part of the Cohesion policy of the European Union. The Programme aims to promote the economic, environmental, social and territorial future of the NWE region. In particular it aims to ensure that the NWE region is a key economic player in the world and provides an attractive place to work and live with high levels of innovation, sustainability and cohesion.

For the period 2014-2020 the NWE programme will focus on three priorities:

  1. Regional innovation
  2. Shift to low-carbon economy
  3. Preservation and optimization of material and natural resources (re)use

Responding to challenges faced in the NWE region linked to six areas:

  • Boosting knowledge flows to stimulate innovation;
  • Small and Medium sized Enterprises innovative capabilities;
  • Resource and materials efficiency;
  • Energy security and supply;
  • Vulnerability to climate change events;
  • Inclusion

the Programme is expected to contribute towards:

  • Smart Growth;
  • Sustainable Growth;
  • Inclusive Growth;
  • A balanced territorial development.

Within the NWE programme 2014-2020 adaptation is considered under priority 2 (mainly the Investment priority 4e and the relevant specific objective and types of action). The Programme also takes into account the EU strategy on adaptation to climate change and addresses three horizontal thematic aspects highlighted in EU regulations, including sustainable development.

Furthermore, in attempts to face the challenge of the vulnerability to climate change events, the Programme foresees that specific transnational development will be needed:

  • To reduce the risk of the NWE area to climate change events, specifically in urban areas;
  • To cooperate on relevant risk mitigation measures;
  • To address specific climate change phenomena and risks and to implement the uptake of climate change mitigation solutions.


Assessments and projects

a. Projects funded in 2014-2020

The second call for project proposals for the period 2014-2020 closed on the 30th November 2015. Decisions on the projects accepted for funding are expected in February 2016. Assessments and projects related to adaptation to climate change in this region will be highlighted on this page. The next call for project proposals will be open from 18th April to 27th May.

b. Projects funded in 2007-2013

Through the Strategic Initiative Cluster "Adaptation to the Spatial Impacts of Climate Change" (SIC Adapt) eight transnational projects with almost 100 project partners have combined their efforts for promoting and achieving effective climate adaptation throughout the NWE region. 

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