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The sources used to compile the health and adaptation information for country profiles vary across countries. For EU Member States, information is based on their official adaptation reporting: 2021 adaptation reporting under the Regulation on the Governance of the Energy Union and Climate Action (see EU Adaptation ReportingClimate-ADAPT Country Profiles) and 2019 adaptation reporting under the EU Greenhouse Gas Monitoring Mechanism Regulation. These two reporting mechanisms are together referred to here as “EU official reporting on adaptation”. Note: The relevant information has been copied from the EU official reporting on adaptation (submitted until July 21, 2021), without further elaborating the contents of the text. Some information, valid at the time of reporting, may no longer be valid today. Any necessary additions to the text are clearly highlighted. 

In addition, information collated in the Adaptation preparedness scoreboard country fiches (2018) and the WHO study on Public health and climate change adaptation policies in the European Union (2018) are presented. Note: Some information, valid at the time of publication, may no longer be valid today. Any necessary additions to the text are clearly highlighted. 

Information sources for non-EU member countries of the EEA are more limited. 



Information from EU official reporting on adaptation. GovReg reporting (2021), MMR reporting (2019)

The National Climate Change Adaptation Strategy and Action Plan (2011-2023 [editors]) has focused on five important fields, including public health, which are supported by technical and scientific studies and participatory processes.

The main actions within public health are:

  • Identifying the existing and future effects and risks of climate change on human health
  • Developing the capacity to combat risks originating from climate change in the national healthcare system
  • Strengthening the capacities of health sector organisations against health risks arising due to climate change

There is a National Program and Action Plan for Mitigating the Negative Impacts of Climate Change on Health.

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