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Climate-ADAPT events and webinars

Climate-ADAPT Webinars aim at:

  • Informing about the EU Adaptation policy context and knowledge development in which Climate-ADAPT operates, 
  • Presenting ongoing and planned development of Climate-ADAPT and collecting feedback to it,
  • Improving awareness and understaning of specific sections and features of Climate-ADAPT, and promoting the uptake of this knowledge for action on adaptation policies, planning, practical implementation as well as monitoring, reporting and evaluation of adaptation.
  • Stimulating participants to support Climate-ADAPT's function as a “first-stop shop” by showcasing their innovative initiatives on climate change adaptation, thus boosting their own outreach and contribution to enrich the knowledge provided on Climate-ADAPT.

Please find below the recordings and presentations of past webinars. Please find information on upcoming webinars here

Recordings and presentations from webinars on the ongoing and planned development of Climate-ADAPT

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Recordings and presentations from webinars on specific content of Climate-ADAPT

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