This category includes reports, documents, publications, policy documents and acts, e.g. adaptation plans of member states.

In this section of Climate-ADAPT the following documents can be shared:

  • Reports covering climate change, climate change impacts, vulnerabilities, and adaptation to climate change,
  • Scientific articles – Peer-reviewed scientific articles should not be included in Climate-ADAPT unless they are very relevant for the target audience of the platform. In this case, they have to be open access.
  • The national pages contain much information by means of URLs to either English or in some cases national languages. These documents do not need to be included in the DB.
  • Recurring items such as project newsletters are not eligible to be included in the DB. These items should be proposed as “news”.

Please note that summary information on EU research projects should be included as 'Research and knowledge projects'.

For streamlining reasons, specific outcomes derived from projects (e.g. deliverables, reports, briefings, tools) should preferably be included in the research and knowledge projects database item, rather than being submitted as independent database items. Please email to suggest edits.

Researchers, governmental and non-governmental organisations are expected to provide proposals for this type of content.

See an example of a Climate-ADAPT publication or report metadata sheet.

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