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Share research and knowledge projects

Research and knowledge projects and programmes are aimed at developing the Climate Change Adaptation knowledge base.

The CLIMATE-ADAPT database contains short descriptive information, including the main project web site, of the main existing and/or expected results of EU FP projects (funded by DG RTD) and other Commission funded projects (e.g. by DG CLIMA, DG REGIO etc) such as ESPON and Interreg (DG REGIO) projects.

The platform also contains a link to a database of national research projects developed by the CIRCLE2 ERANET project.

Leaders of existing and/or new EU funded research projects are requested by the European Commission (DG RTD, CLIMA, REGIO etc) to provide information to CLIMATE-ADAPT when this is appropriate, for example in line with the timing for deliverables of such projects.

See an example of a CLIMATE-ADAPT research or knowledge project metadata sheet.

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