What is MIP4Adapt?

The Mission Implementation Platform (MIP4Adapt) supports European regional and local authorities to prepare and plan their adaptation pathways to climate resilience. For Charter Signatories, MIP4Adapt is facilitating a Community of Practice and delivering technical assistance to enable regions and local authorities to:

  • Use their existing climate vulnerability and risk assessments to develop climate adaptation plans and fund and implement climate adaptation solutions
  • Identify appropriate climate adaptation demonstration projects and identify and access financial support for their implementation
  • Stimulate engagement and mobilisation of citizens and stakeholders in inclusive approaches to climate adaptation.

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What does MIP4Adapt do?

MIP4Adapt is focused on supporting European regions and local authorities in their efforts to build resilience against the impacts of climate change by:

1. Facilitating a Community of Practice to share knowledge, experiences, and good practices, and to promote coordination and collaboration amongst its members. These include regional and local authorities that are Charter Signatories, Friends of the Mission, Mission Projects and other relevant EU-funded projects, and national authorities (including National Contact Points). Find out more about our Community of Practice.

2. Facilitating the alignment of relevant EU-funded projects with the work of MIP4Adapt, identifying synergies and complementarities that help to ensure the coherence of support to regional and local authorities regarding climate adaptation planning.

3. Presenting on Climate-ADAPT, in collaboration with the EEA, guidance, tools, data and relevant projects, which all regional or local authorities can draw upon in preparing and planning for climate resilience.

4. Providing tailored technical assistance to regional and local authorities that are Charter Signatories to help them to:

  • Use their climate vulnerability and risk assessments to develop adaptation plans and to fund and implement climate adaptation solutions
  • Identify demonstration projects on climate adaptation and access funding and financing for their implementation
  • Engage and mobilise citizens and stakeholders.

5. Providing a helpdesk function for regional and local authorities that are Charter Signatories who have queries about the MIP4Adapt’s activities or specifically about their climate adaptation planning.

6. Communicating about the Mission to regions, local authorities, communities, academic institutions, and companies, encouraging their active support and disseminating details of relevant news, events and training courses that are open to everyone.

7. Organising the annual Mission Forum, an annual flagship event with a wide range of relevant actors to take stock of the Mission’s progress and to exchange views on its direction.

8. Monitoring, reporting on and evaluating the progress of the Mission, participating regions, local authorities and communities, and the Mission Projects.

Who delivers MIP4Adapt

MIP4Adapt is implemented by Ricardo, an environmental sustainability consultancy with wide-ranging experience in supporting international and bilateral development partners, the European Commission, national, subnational and local governmental bodies, and the private sector in relation to all aspects of climate adaptation planning.

Ricardo is supported by:

  • Fresh Thoughts Consulting, an environmental policy consultancy specialising in climate adaptation
  • I-Catalist, which has developed innovative techniques for stakeholder and citizen engagement in adaptation planning
  • The European Federation of Agencies and regions for Energy and Environment (FEDARENE), which has an extended network of contacts at the regional level, formal links to the Covenant of Mayors and has led mapping of climate finance and funding for regional and local authorities
  • JOANNEUM Research, a nationally and internationally active research and technology development institution in sustainability
  • Member State Facilitators that are small businesses with local expertise in climate adaptation planning, climate finance and stakeholder engagement covering all EU Member States and languages: AC Teon, Ambiente Italia, Bee Partner, Bita Green, Climate Matters, CRS, Denkstatt, Draxis, Elle, Lasting Values, StritihSustainable Development Consulting, Tyrsky and individual experts in Malta and Croatia.

MIP4Adapt is funded by the EU Horizon Europe Programme. Its website is part of Climate-ADAPT and is delivered in partnership with the European Environment Agency (EEA) and the European Commission.

The contents and links to third-party items on this Mission webpage are developed by the MIP4Adapt team led by Ricardo, under contract CINEA/2022/OP/0013/SI2.884597 funded by the European Union and do not necessarily reflect those of the European Union, CINEA, or those of the European Environment Agency (EEA) as host of the Climate-ADAPT Platform. Neither the European Union nor CINEA nor the EEA accepts responsibility or liability arising out of or in connection with the information on these pages.

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