The Mission focuses on supporting EU regional and local authorities in their efforts to build resilience to the impacts of climate change. It helps them to:

  • Better understand the climate risks they are, and will be confronted with, in the future

  • Develop their pathways to be better prepared and cope with the changing climate

  • Test and deploy on the ground the solutions needed to build resilience.

Regions and Local Authorities that are Charter Signatories

Regional and local authorities are engaged in various ways with the Mission. One way is by participating in Mission projects. More than 50 regions are participating today in Horizon Europe Mission projects. Another way is through the Mission Charter. A total of 311 regional and local authorities from 25 EU Member States have signed the Mission Charter, thereby committing to strive towards climate resilience by 2030 by boosting regional and local adaptation efforts to reach their adaptation goals. 17 other signatories come from countries associated or potentially associated with Horizon Europe, the EU's research and innovation programme.

In addition, 63 other organisations, including research institutions and businesses, have become Friends of the Mission, endorsing the Mission and contributing to its Community of Practice.

Watch the video announcing the list of signatories.

Map of regions and local authorities in the Mission on Adaptation (of 38 EEA member and cooperating countries) as it is displayed in the Knowledge and Data section

Please note that the open call to regions and local authorities to sign the Mission’s Charter, or to become a Friend of the Mission, is currently closed. Future opportunities, including funding opportunities to support ideas on adaptation to climate change, will be communicated by MIP4Adapt.

For more information, please read the FAQs.

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