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Share case studies

Case studies in this section contain descriptions of concrete adaptation actions that

  • have a clear link with climate change adaptation;
  • have been or are being implemented in a particular geographical location in Europe (e.g. a city, a region);
  • include preferably an analysis, e.g., in terms of achieving the objectives, success and limiting factors, costs and benefit;
  • are preferably prepared by the organisation that was involved with the implementation and also in collaboration with the main stakeholders (e.g. environmental and business NGOs, industry, citizens);
  • include a local contact and web links to further information that enables potential users to reassess the case and obtain further information and advice.

… Read more: complete list of selection criteria for Climate ADAPT case studies (pdf 236 kb).


See an example of a CLIMATE-ADAPT case study.

In order to submit a case study online, users need to have an EIONET account to log in. An EIONET account can be requested here (Please note that it could take up to 1 hour before your account is active).

For general questions regarding such contributions to CLIMATE-ADAPT, please contact CLIMATE-ADAPT's administrator.


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