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Identifying adaptation options

3.2 Finding examples of good adaptation practices

Although a large number of adaptation options applicable can be identified (Step 3.1), often little is known about their performance, acceptance and issues linked to implementing them. Therefore, it is also important to identify cases and examples other cities and towns that have already implemented adaptation actions to learn from their experience. Seeing adaptation measures already successfully implemented and delivering results elsewhere gives them additional credibility. Please see Chapter 3 of the EEA report Urban adaptation in Europe: how cities and towns respond to climate change for further information on the effectiveness of adaptation options for different climate impacts.

Climate-ADAPT portal maintains a database of adaptation implementation case studies. The most popular urban adaptation case studies within Climate-ADAPT are listed below.

 The Covenant of Mayors Office regularly compiles case studies to highlight good examples of adaptation action undertaken by signatory cities in detail. Good practices are also promoted through the various Covenant communication materials (leaflets, brochures, publications).  Key actions reported by Covenant of Mayors signatory cities are collected as good practices (choose "Adaptation action" under the filter field "Action type")

Similarly, other city networks and initiatives on the international, European or national levels have been compiling good practice examples and also offer knowledge exchange and peer to peer learning events (see Step 1.8).

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