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Identifying adaptation options

3.2 Where can I find examples of good adaptation practice of other cities and towns?

Several hundred adaptation measures applicable to urban space can be found (see Q3.1) in literature. But very little is known about their performance, acceptance and issues linked to implementing them. Therefore, it is important to identify other cities and towns that have already acquired experience on measures to learn from their experience. Seeing adaptation measures already successfully implemented elsewhere gives them additional credibility.


The most popular urban adaptation case studies within CLIMATE-ADAPT are listed below. The list of cases can be tailored and made more specific by selecting a specific climate impact and / or adaptation sector of interest. To explore case studies in areas similar to a location of choice, please use the Case Study Search Tool. To look up impact and sector-specific case studies please use the dropdown boxes below.

Signatories of the Covenant of Mayors initiative can also refer to the Case studies page on the Covenant of Mayors website for further examples of good adaptation practices, and get in touch with other urban areas working on adaptation in the Covenant Capacity-Sharing Corner.   

Check out the Covenant brochure ‘Sustainable, Climate-resilient and Vibrant Cities' that takes you on a tour around Europe to discover some of the best practices from Covenant signatories.

Similarly, other city networks and initiatives on the international, European or national levels have been compiling good practice examples and also offer knowledge exchange and peer to peer learning events. For a list of relevant networks see Q0.5.



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