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Climate-ADAPT Event

Boosting adaptation to climate change: Climate-ADAPT Training Session for Slovenia

Promoting Climate-ADAPT in Slovenia

The European Climate Adaptation Platform (Climate-ADAPT) is a partnership between the European Commission's Directorate-General for Climate Action (DG CLIMA) and the European Environment Agency (EEA). Its main objectives are to share the knowledge base and practical implementation experiences in the field of climate change adaptation, assist an effective uptake of this knowledge by decision makers and contribute to a greater level of coordination among the relevant sectoral policies and different institutional levels, as a contribution to the aim of the EU Adaptation Strategy to support better informed decision-making for a more climate-resilient Europe.

Following the webinar “National and EU level knowledge and tools for Slovenia” hold on March 17, this training session focuses on how to use and explore Climate-ADAPT from a sector perspective (and potentially from other perspectives) and how to become an active contributor by submitting information to the platform. The training also provides a reflection on how the current available information is being used and which potential knowledge gaps could be addressed at the European level.

The target audience of the webinar are current and potential new users and information providers of Climate-ADAPT in Slovenia, i.e., governmental decision-makers as well as the organisations supporting them in the development, implementation, and evaluation of climate change adaptation strategies, plans and actions at all governance levels in Europe.

The training will be held in English. 


Lern more about Climate-ADAPT in Slovenian language.

Read here the story of Ana, a national governmental expert preparing advice for adaptation policy making in Slovenia. Ana is looking for information to guide Slovenian municipalities in developing local adaptation strategies, policies and plans to address climate change, focussing on heatwaves, droughts and flood impacts. Her story shows how she uses Climate-ADAPT in a basic way by following clear steps, to find the information she is looking for.

Agenda and supporting documents

Topic I  

How to explore Climate-ADAPT

  Navigation of Climate-ADAPT

Presentation of specific features and components

  Questions and answers
Topic II How to use Climate-ADAPT as an expert working on adaptation in a specific sector or governance level 

Breakout rooms: Explore Climate-ADAPT from a sector or governance level perspective

Breakout rooms: Gamified exploration through mini scenarios 

Plenary: open discussion


Topic III

How to become an active contributor to the platform

Guidance on types of information suitable for sharing and on the submission workflow 

   Outlook and conclusions


Practical information


The online training session is organized as a closed online meeting based on personal invitation. The event will be held as a “Zoom Webinar”. To participate in the online training, prior registration is required. After registering you will receive a registration confirmation. The Zoom link will be provided to registered participants prior to the event. As a participant, you will be given a listening and writing permission. The training will be held as an interactive meeting with time for feedback. During the gamified session (Topic II), participants will be distributed in breakout rooms per sector. Participants will be able to turn on their microphone and camera on and will be asked to share their screen and navigate through Climate-ADAPT to meet specific tasks.




If you have any further questions you can contact climate-adapt@ecologic.eu

Language of the conference


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